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Understanding What Causes Stress
The first stage in preventing
and lowering your own levels of stress is recognizing what stress
is and what the major causes of stress are.

How is Stress Affecting YOU?
How stressed out are YOU?
Let's take a look into what may
be causing your stress levels to
be where they currently are.

Develop a Stress-Relief
Action Plan

Here are some tips for staying
healthy throughout the year on campus and more.

YOUR Stress Relief PLAN : Managing Daily Habits
Knowing how to manage stress
on a day-to-day basis can be just
as tough as dealing with the
stress itself. Here is a guide to
help you along the way.

Stress Relief Products
In addition to a regular stress management program, there
are many tools available to
assist you on your path to a
stress-free lifestyle. Stress Health Network

Dealing with Life Changing Experiences

Recovering from the ordinary stressful events in life can be a difficult enough challenge. But how does a person cope with a major trauma such as the Sept. 11th World Trade Center attacks, or a more personal event such as rape or murder?

The primary result of an attack or an event on the scale of the WTC destruction is that the universal human illusion of personal specialness -- the "It can't happen to me belief" -- is stripped away. In the case of rape or personal attack, the sense of violation is even greater. Most people will feel unsafe, become easily startled and be overly vigilant -- a state that can last for months or even years.

Initially, people will have to cope with the emotional, and sometimes physical, shock of the event itself. The next move is to absorb what has happened and begin to move on -- to work through the range of emotions and, if there has been a death, through the mourning period. Family, friends, support groups, individual counseling and sometimes medication can be extremely helpful. What is important is that you avoid becoming isolated with your feelings. Surround yourself with supportive, caring people as you work through these emotions.

It's extremely difficult to place time limits on healing from traumatic events since each individual reacts differently. An important element to consider is the mental state of an individual before the event. Consider whether the affected person has faced severe stress before, and if so, how was it dealt with. Someone who has faced and survived a previous tragedy will usually know that "I will survive this."

Finally, while traumatic events forever change people, communities and even nations, they also offer a chance for personal growth. Many people do not fully empathize with others until they themselves have a similar experience. The positive result of enduring a traumatic event can be that a person becomes a stronger individual, with a deeper empathy, who is more responsive to the needs of others.

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