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Understanding What Causes Stress
The first stage in preventing
and lowering your own levels of stress is recognizing what stress
is and what the major causes of stress are.

How is Stress Affecting YOU?
How stressed out are YOU?
Let's take a look into what may
be causing your stress levels to
be where they currently are.

Develop a Stress-Relief
Action Plan

Here are some tips for staying
healthy throughout the year on campus and more.

YOUR Stress Relief PLAN : Managing Daily Habits
Knowing how to manage stress
on a day-to-day basis can be just
as tough as dealing with the
stress itself. Here is a guide to
help you along the way.

Stress Relief Products
In addition to a regular stress management program, there
are many tools available to
assist you on your path to a
stress-free lifestyle. Stress Health Network

Extra Light May Not be Such a Bright Idea

Stress Health Networkquinting at a computer all day and staring at a television set all evening can give your eyes a workout. And while it might seem like a bright idea to increase the wattage in your home and office to compensate, think again.

Many people don't realize that excessive lighting, particularly fluorescent lighting, isn't a good idea for everyone. Studies have shown that for people who are hyperactive or easily stimulated, modern-day intense lighting can be a major, hidden source of stress.

Too-bright lights can aggravate sleep deprivation, a major problem in the United States. If people are "jazzed" by bright lights during the day, they may well find it impossible to sleep at night.

Keep in mind that brighter lights still are appropriate for these people:
Stress Health Network those with vision problems.
Stress Health Network senior citizens.
Stress Health Network people who have been diagnosed with clinical depression.
Stress Health Network Alzheimer's patients.

If you suspect a room might be a little too well lit, try natural lighting and see how it affects your mood. Studies have shown that people who use natural or incandescent light in their homes and offices are not as tired, stressed or irritable at the end of the day.

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