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Understanding What Causes Stress
The first stage in preventing
and lowering your own levels of stress is recognizing what stress
is and what the major causes of stress are.

How is Stress Affecting YOU?
How stressed out are YOU?
Let's take a look into what may
be causing your stress levels to
be where they currently are.

Develop a Stress-Relief
Action Plan

Here are some tips for staying
healthy throughout the year on campus and more.

YOUR Stress Relief PLAN : Managing Daily Habits
Knowing how to manage stress
on a day-to-day basis can be just
as tough as dealing with the
stress itself. Here is a guide to
help you along the way.

Stress Relief Products
In addition to a regular stress management program, there
are many tools available to
assist you on your path to a
stress-free lifestyle. Stress Health Network

The American Workplace - New Rules for a New Reality

Stress Health Networks the anniversary of the Sept. 11th terrorist attacks approaches, issues of home/work balance, employees' mental health and safety are receiving more attention. To meet the reality of American work life today, there are several practical strategies employees and managers can take to help themselves, their supervisors and subordinates.

Stress Health Network Celebrate tradition. Rituals, routines and regular social events serve a purpose in the workplace as well as at home. So abandon that cynical attitude and become involved in organizing or attending professional and social events that bond you with your coworkers. You can't feel like you're part of an organization if you don't take advantage of what they offer.
Stress Health Network Reach out. Don't wait until you're emotionally at the end of your rope before you speak up. Encourage coworkers to provide informal emotional support for each other. Take advantage of your company's employee assistance programs. Corporate culture often encourages workers to keep personal problems to themselves. In the workplace of 2002, this is an outdated approach. One way to help change attitudes is to change your terminology. Instead of offering employees "counseling," schedule sessions for "education," "briefings," "wellness" or whatever term is appropriate for your company.
Stress Health Network Help your boss help you. Don't assume your supervisor automatically knows what stress you're under. Many bosses are just as unsettled as their employees, plus they have additional responsibility. Help them out with emotional and work-related support, and provide them with information on how they can best help you.
Stress Health Network Make work meaningful. Even in a period of cost-cutting and downsizing, employees can and should find ways to make their jobs personally fulfilling.
Stress Health Network Check on each other. Each individual reacts to life events on his or her own timetable. Try to remain aware of your coworkers' and subordinates' emotions. Someone who handled world events calmly may overreact to a smaller incident in their personal life months or years later that releases bottled-up emotions.
Stress Health Network Help your community. Doing something for others is one of the most effective ways to combat feelings of anxiety, helplessness and stress.

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